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New to Asthma

Hi everyone I am new on here and new to asthma My husband and I have become guardians to a 7yr old boy with asthma Neither of us have any experience of asthma to help us Can anyone out there give us some help Could you tell us your experiences of having asthma what it feels like when you have an attack what the difference is of having an attack as opposed to just wheezing We would be gratefull for any insight you can give us to help us help Scott In the last few years he has lost both parents to cancer and had to move from one end of the country to live with us so we want to do all we can for him to make life alittle bit easier!!! Sorry to waffle a bit!!!!!

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Hi Jass

I've just seen this post - my advice sort or stays the same. I would definatley chat with the asthma nurse on this site. Also send off for the booklets and leaflets - we found that they really helped when my son was first diagnosed - especially as we were clueless!!!

As for how asthma feels etc - i'm afraid i don't know - i wish i did - as my little boy is only 3 - he's not able to tell us what it feels like or when he's ill. So we have to go on obvious signs - like intercostal breathing - Ollie rarely wheezes.

It may be better to post on the general forum - hopefully they'll be more people able to give advice.

I hope that Scott is ok at the moment - he's been through a lot for such a little one!!

Take care



Hi Claire Thanks for your advice and help As you can imagine life has been pretty traumatic for all of us but especially Scott He has settled well here and is very happy at his new school The class he is in has 4 asthmatics so the teacher is very laid back about themleaving class for inhalers which is a bonus because I don't have to worry that he can't get to use his inhaler during the school day when he has a cold and his asthma is set off by things that don't affect him when he's well Hope Ollie is well and able to get to Nursery once again. Its blowing a gale here, things flying all over the place Hope its better where you are!!


Hi Jass

Yes Ollie back to pre-school today after half-term - so actually got some house work done!!!!

We're in Southampton - so weather not too bad - sunny and warm - then cold and blowy but not blowing a 'hoolie'. I used to live in Scotland - in Argyll some 20-30 years ago - although i was young when we moved South i do remember the weather!!! Although at least we had proper snow - we don't get any here.

I'm sure that life has been traumatic for all of you - I have a friend who was in a similar situation but with toddler - it was all very sad and difficult. I'm glad that Scott is settling in and enjoying his new school - children are so resiliant and often much tougher than we think.

Take care.



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