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my 12 year old has been offered Methotrexate as he has become steroid dependant has anyone any experience of this and if so how did it go. The last few years he has had nearly 30 admissions and missed loads of school holidays and family events, plus doing fortnightly Xolair for 18 months, so he feels the weekly blood tests are just too much for him at this point so he is very unhappy at the prospect of them, but at the same time we know that being on pred all the time is not good either Any input gratefully received. thanks

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I had no idea Methotrexate could be used to treat asthma so I'm afraid I cant comment on it at all. But I wanted to say I'm sorry to hear your son is so poorly. My son was the worst ever at the age of 12, he still has a lot of time off school and we've lost count of the things we've had to cancel because of his asthma, but he has gradually improved over the last 2 years. So I hope things will improve for your son, it's very hard I know.

Edit. Have just checked the Search facility on the left hand side of this page (Keywords) and there are several posts on Methotrexate, so worth your while checking them out.


Thank you i have looked at the posts and spent ages on the internet looking at articles but still find the whole thing quite daunting. It is just so hard to know what to do as he has taken so many drugs and the thought of him taking something which is so strong is scary particularly as he is only 12, but in reality we don't have a choice. But knowing your son has improved gives me hope that one day things will improve as living under the cloud of asthma is very waring. I must add that we do get the most amazing support and care from the medical profession which helps enormously thanks


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