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bleeding nose from coughing to much is that possiable?

hiya all how , i just got a qusetion my 3year old has got a bad chesty cough i have spoke to the asthma nurse and she said if it carrys on to take him to docs,but i havent tooken him cause i cant hear any wheezing and it always feels as if im waisting their time,now my problem is this morning he was coughing like mad then stoped then had a bleeding nose in both nostrils it wasnt a heavy bleeding nose it was just running , is this normal he never has bleeding nose , my house wasnt warm to cause the bleedin nose from the heat, only once he had one and that was due to a fall on his nose

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That makes sense to me. Coughing hard must be able to rupture some of the little blood vessels up your childs nose. Also, when they're young, the blood vessels are very nearer the surface (specially at the bridge of the nose) which is why kids generally get more nose bleeds than adults. If he has had one once in the day he may well have others over the course of the day because there is weak/damaged blood vessels there which can start to bleed again very easily.

My daughter gets a lot of nose bleeds. Maybe 4-6 a day in the summer 3-4 times a week. We suspect this is down to her rhinitis. But our practice nurse gave me a great tip. When the nose bleed starts we give her an ice pole (or pieces of crushed ice) which she takes a bite of and holds against the roof of her mouth. The cold makes the blood vessels contract and the bleeding stops much quicker. We have some real doozies where she can turn the kitchen into something that looks like a grisly crime scene and we may go through more than one ice pole. But it is definately better than trying to stop them without the ice!

My other favourite tip (completely off topic but brilliant so I'll continue...) is taking some talc to the sandpit or beach. Lots of talc rubbed onto little people helps all the sand come off when you're trying to get their shoes and socks back on. Much easier and doesn't take a layer of skin off like rubbing does:~)

I'm sure you already know this but don't tip your sons head back when he has a nose bleed! My daughters had arguments with adult helpers at Brownies etc who insist she has to and thankfully she knows better and refuses. Lean forward and pinch the bridge of the nose until it stops. Which it will. If you use the ice pole ;~D



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