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SIngulair? for 3year old with a constant Night Cough

can some one please explain wat this is and how it works and will there be any side affects,

my son is 3years old been on his asthma pumps for about 2 and half years and we seem to have hit a bad patch at minute were he is constantly coughin from 1am till 5 am , also some times he coughs all day,

the asthma nurse said that its very odd for a younge child not to be controlled on his asthma pumps, as the blue inhaler dont seem to stop these coughs at night, she mention a tablet they can give him to stop the constan cough through the night but we are still waiting on her call,

can some one explain wat this singulair is and the whole proccess of it please, thanks for all replys,


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Hi Cara. My son is 6 and has been taking the Singular 5mg tablet for about 2 years. It is a chewable tablet which I believe helps to 'block naturally occuring chemicals in the lungs called Leukitrienes which cause narrowing of the airways and inflammation of the lungs, which can lead to asthma symptoms' (thats was it says on the packet anyhow). My son has had no side effects, however I cant say it has been a 'miracle cure' but for both of us, I thought it was worth trying. Do you have dust mite protectors on his pillows and mattress, this may probably help? My son has had asthma from 1 yr (now 6yrs) but like you, when he was nearly 4yrs his asthma seemed to go really bad. I had not changed any meds or anything. Try it maybe, if it doesn't do any good I am sure you can stop it.

Good luck, keep with it. Regards Elaine


Hi i'm just slightly older at 15 years old almost 16 and the local doc on call surgery put me on singular towards the end of january these help asthmatics to sleep at night without feeling breathless nothing to worry about but they gave me them after a few attacks your son may have been given them for a totally different reason but there aim is to help an asthmatic to breathe during the night


Toria x


hi there,

I replied to your last message... I think we are both going through the exact same thing with our 3 year olds! Prompted by your message about night coughing & everyones' replies I took my son to the doctors as we had not had a full night's sleep in forever. Anyway, he put him on Singulalir right away as he said that's the next thing to do if the becotide inhaler isn't working well enough. He agreed that with constant night coughing his asthma was not under control. It's already been explained to you how it works. I was a tad concerned about whether my son would chew the tablet but he takes it fine! He's been on it since Thursday. Hasn't had any side effects as yet. His coughing has also stopped... not sure if it's a coincidence or not. But we are giving it a 2 week trial and then have to go back to the docs.

If they think it will help your little one then it's worth a try. I know we just couldn't go on like we were with the constant night coughing.


hi landa

i have tryed to reply to your post but i cant click on u name to send you a message, when i took my 3 year old to doctors she also couldnt understand how his asthma aint controlled, she mentioned a tablet they can give him, and she has also mentioned that they are gonna try and get him Up to the hospital to have a check Up ,Up there, but im still waiting on hearing back off her to find out wats gonna happen next with him, im glad you are getting your sleep now, my son will have a few little coughs ere and there but seems to be settling down better than wat it was last week, hope you boy gets better soon hun , take care xxxx


finally gettin his singulair from chemist tomorrow

hi all to how replyed, i spoke to the asthma clinic nurse today and finally getting his singulair tomorrow he is on a month trial and she wants to see him just before the tablet runs out, she said that i also got to drop his brown pump back down to 3 puffs instead of 4, and iv got to ring childrens out patients for an appointment for his blood to be tooken for his iron, so hopefully thinks will get a little better but cant always garuntee, thanks for all your replys every one xxxxxxx


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