So annoyed with the pre school


I'm so annoyed with my daughters pre school as they just don't seam to think asthma is serious!

A few weeks ago I sent my dd to pre school she was a bit chesty that day so I asked them to give her a few puffs on her inhaler before p.e which she has donebefore and was fine! She was fine to go bit got worst whilst she was there.

Anyway my mum picked her up after a full day at nursery very poorly by this point and unable to complete the 10 min walk home and by the time I finished work she ended up in a&e needing oxygen and nebulisers she was sent home late that night n we was back up there first thing the very next morning for the same.

I'm so anoyed with the pre school they have contact numbers of 6 different people and didn't call any of us! They decided she wasnt well enough to do p.e in the end and gave her some inhaler surly I'f they thought she wasnt well enough to do p.e they should of rang me! I don't know what to do I have already wrote them a letter explaining her asthma and how serious it can be. I don't like sending her anymore she only has a few months left there I hope the school is better!

Has anyone experienced anything like this?


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