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first appointment with respiratory consultant

Hi there,

This is my first post so I hope my tone/message length is Ok!

My 11 month old son has had a terrible first winter, with every cold he has had a hospital admission, 3 all together including twice in intensive care. Some Drs say pneumonia , some bronchiolitis and I think they're going to diagnose it with asthma, they're certainly treating it as such with montalukast, salbutamol and Floxitide.

We have our first out patient appointment with the respiratory consultant on Friday and I would really appreciate advice about what I should be asking/ asking for.


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I know how it feels when there young its very scary but it does get easier with time. My son started when he was 2 and had an atack so bad he was on life support for two weeks.he is now 10 his asthma is not really improved but he is much better controled with ventolin,flixotide, montelucast (this made a huge difference) steroids(on repeat prescription) when needed and a home nebuliser (you might benefit from steroids and nebuliser).he has regular hospital+doctor visits we have allso just spent a week in high dependancy unit, got out today.

my doctors were really helpfull they explained how asthma happens i.e what happens in an attack, what triggers it, what happens to the airways and the lungs. If you can reaserch this, it will help a lot.

Ask the doc what the medicines prescribed do and how they work, ask what allterations you can make to your home environment and maybe ask for an allergy test. Allso ask if there is anything else you can do to ease his breathing.

above all listen to what the doc says they are the experts.

if he is struggling to breath and you ever have any doubts even the smallest while he is so little take him straight to hospital and if the doctors receptionist are

being awkward saying they havn't got any appointments free just go to the hospital.

I hope this helps and you get him feeling better soon.


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