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new here

I am glad I found this place and hope to meet others that understand how hard asthma can really be. My 6 year old Katie was diagnosed with chronic brittle asthma 3 years ago. Katie first started having symptoms of asthma when she was 11 months old when she had her first lot of pneumonia. then things seemed to start getting better for a short time and we thought it was just one of them things that little ones get with there teeth and that kind of stuff. then when she was 3 she started having food allergies at first these was just rashes more like intolerance's then true allergies but then at 4 she had her first massive brittle asthma attack where we nearly lost her. we then spent 12 months of hell in and out of hospital every couple of weeks.

since spending so long trying to get her medications right she is currently on seretide ventolin and 5mg Montelukast. she is doing a lot better these days but still goes into hospital every few months. she is now 6 1/2 years old.

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hi Lisa

Welcome ,

you will make lots of friends on here and lots of support ,love Glynis xxx


also new

Hi Lisa,

The nurse told me about this site, so hopefully i will get to speak to others as well about asthma. I use budesonide & formoterol twice aday and it does seem to be helping, though my main problem is I forget to take my inhaler.

I hope Katie is doing ok.


Hello Lisa,

Welcome! I'm a relative newbie too and have a son with asthma - but nothing at all like what your little Katie has and is going through. I have found it difficult at times to cope with my son's fairly well controlled, fairly mild asthma and I can't start to imagine how you have got on in the past years. I'm so, so sorry that you have all had such a difficult time - you must be absolutely exhausted? Do you have any family nearby to help you out and let you have a rest? You most certainly deserve it. And a big sign for on top of your head that says ""Super-Mum""!

The site is absolutely fantastic. You will find so much support on here - especially if you write HELP! in the subject box ;O) I've only made a couple of posts and everyone has been wonderful. Honestly, it's made the world of difference to me, especially if I'm feeling anxious and frightened.

I've never used the asthma UK nurse advice line but everyone tells how fantastic if is.

Hang on in there - you're doing grand.

Take care xx


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