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Allergy testing

My daughter is 12 and has not has an attack for about 18 months, but she is really suffering with an attack which is proving difficult to bring under control. She is using the salamol between 4-8 times a day. I asked the GP what had triggered the attack but he was very vague about what had started it again. I could do with more information.

I spoke to a friend at college who is a GP and she informed me that because the weather had been so wet that the fungi had spore early and that alot of peoples asthma was active.

I would like to know what extactly what she causing her asthma at the moment because it is upsetting her as she is aways tired and just wants to the back to her normal. I asked the doctor about testing and his words were that we know what causes her asthma, dust and animals. Is unreasonable to ask for this test? Has anyone had a rast test? We live near a major a road which lorrys use to avoid a weak bridge and I have been wondering whether the polluation has played a large part becuase it has been so cloudy and wet. I feel the GP is not taking me seriously. I really want a test done. I'm I a fussing mum? Why don't GP want to help is it because on money?

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I would say its perfectly reasonable to ask for rast tests. I think having some answers can always be helpful and help guide treatment. They can check allergies to many things from one blood test- I had mine checked for allergies to my pets as well. Also I dont think it can be a money thing cause my GP and consultant have both redone rast tests numerous times recently- I feel like a pin cushion!

Hope you get some answers and the allergy tests.




Hope you dont mind me joining this conversation. I went to see the consultant on Monday and he told me that the blood test I had which was an alergy tests is not 100% even thougth 3 times I have seen his juniors and they have all said there is no point in doing an skin alergy test as I have had a blood alergy test and this showed I had no alergies yet the consultant who I saw for the 1st time is now saying its not 100% true and they go by the paitents so can I ask my GP for this or has this to be done through the consultant? regards elaine


My daughter had the rast test for annimals food e.g milk, wheat and egg and also had it done for pollen. All came back negative and was told that the test is not reliable. The test can come back negative and yet she could be allergic as the tests are not reliable. Can anyone tell me if skin tests are more reliable and should my daughters consultant consider this is. She is having constant flare ups of her asthma with no known cause.

Hope someone can help



hi there

i agree with the others i have 4 children 3 of which have had allergy testing bloods and prick test either for asthma or excema they all came bk inconclusive and each time the nurse/dr have said that doesn't mean they not have an allergy to them i know wot my children can't eat/go near mostly thats good enough for me occassionally find another seems to be a matter of trial and error for them bless they have to put up with it untill they find they can't have or go near wot ever

hope this helps



Hi my son had an allergy test in August which showed there were no allergies. I had one a few years ago which showed the same as my son. I know I'm allergic to cats and dogs as I wheeze also dustmite, coal, and after sleeping under a feather duvet I was put on steroids for a while. None of these showed up.Only pollen showed up which doesn't seem to bother me as much as the other things. My sons consultant said sometimes it doesn't show on the skin but shows up in the lungs affecting the bronchi.(sorry spellings bad!)My son is having a bronchoscopy next month to see if there are any problems there. Hopefully we may get some answers as he's been asthmatic nearly all his life with unknown triggers that knock him for six.



I have negative rast tests to nuts and yet had a severe allergic reaction to skin tests for nuts!

The consultant told me you can have false positives and negatives to Rast tests and false reactions to skin prick tests if your skin is very sensitive some people hive just to the pressure of the needle although it is rare. Thats why it is important to take into account the history ie diary of query causes of asthma as well as both tests.

My children went on to have an oral challenge in hospital to milk as both tests were negative but they had a history of asthma symptoms linked to milk. They are not allergic to milk as was initially thought but something else, the cereal they had with the milk for breakfast! It is important not to exclude foods from you childrens diet without medical advice as they may not be allergic to the obvious thing you think they are which puts them and you through unnecessary stress.

Unfotunately a lot of places just do one test give no information and say thats it your not/are allergic to etc etc.

Sometimes you never find out what is causing asthma as infection, stress and allergens all play a part but if your daughter is still regularly needing her salamol inhaler and is still very tired/has symptoms I would go back to the GP in case she needs further treatment.


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