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7 year olds asthma

Hi, my 7 year old son was diagnosed last summer. At first he was on 50ml but his cough is persistant so he was upped to 125. The cough is still on going, it is like he is constantly clearing his throat and if he gets upset, then it is a really hacking cough. I'm loath to see my GP again, as all he seems to do is up his medication, apart from the first time I took him, he hasn't even listened to his chest! A part of me is even beggining to wonder if it is asthma at all!!! Anyone got any usfull tips for me? thanks

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I'm sorry to hear that your son is poorly controlled with his asthma at present. I've read your post and I think that you mean he is on 50 mcgs and was upped to 125 mcgs. This would lend me to think he was taking fluticasone (flixotide), as this is the step up doses for this medication.

Unfortunately you don't provide enough information in your post for me to pass comment on his management, and in no way should I attempt to replace your health care provider. Do you have an asthma nurse at your surgery to discuss your concerns with?

I have a couple of comments for you to think about and discuss with your GP/asthma nurse. Does his cough improve with his salbutamol inhaler (reliever-blue)? If it does help, are you giving regular doses for relief? Does he seem to always have blocked noses, or nasal discharge, or sneezing itchy nose?- coughing can be caused from mucous sliding down the back of the throat, and not from the chest. Have you been taught correct inhaler technique from a qualified professional with an appropriate spacer (volumatic or aerochamber). Are you giving his 125 mcgs inhaler every morning and every night? Has your son had peak flow readings attempted? Some children can easily manage this simple test at your sons' age.

As an asthma nurse, I often see patients that sometimes simple measures can make a huge dfference. This is NEVER the patients fault, but a lack of education from health care staff. You are clearly questioning your son's diagnosis, and this is lending me to think that he has at no point improved since his diagnosis. I strongly suggest you return to your GP or asthma nurse for help.

Children not improving on appropriate treatment usually have 3 issues. Poor inhaler technique, not having their inhalers adminstered as prescribed (i.e. twice daily), or incorrect diagnosis. This is of course a sweeping statement based on my experience, and I don't know all the specifics to your son's care, but the first two can be easily sorted with support. Please don't be afraid to return to your GP. You have the right to ask questions and the right to say no to further medication increases without a good rationale.

Best Wishes


What medication is your son on? This will help us be able to give you better advice. But from the information you have given I would say he needs to us his relieve 10 mins before the preventor so the steriod can start doing their job better. If this doesn't help then he might need different inhalers or a stronger dosagers. Also try and get him to sleep laid sat up more and see if that helps. Does he suffer from hayfever? If not then it might be worth experimenting with an anti-histomene like piriton and see if that helps with the asthma symptoms as it could be the pollen that is in the air that is affecting as well. Not sure what else I can recommended other than going back to your doctor and explain what is happening and that the inahlers don't seem to be working liek they should


Surprised that doctor doesnt listen to his chest! I always go in and say 'would you mind just listening to my son's chest because he's wheezy/I think he's got a chest infection/his peak flow is bad etc'! The doctors we see ALWAYS listen to his chest (and mine when I go with asthma etc). If you're not happy with your GP ask to see another one. Good luck and I hope your son gets better.


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