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New !!

Hi, we are new to this website and after reading a few of the Parents and Carers post I admit I'm a little nervous! My daughter Poppy is five and although she has been sick from a baby she was only diagnosed as Asthmatic late 2009.

I have found that there is still a traditional outlook on Asthma within the medical profession. I really discovered this in December. When after four weeks of visiting GP's, Asthma Clinics and ending up in A&E. I contacted an Astma Uk specialist nurse and the advice she gave me after hearing Poppy was worth it's wait in gold.

As my daughter's Asthma is in her upper airways many doctors do not see her condition as Asthma! We ended up in Belfasts' main Childrens' Hospital last week, where it was confirmed that she does have Asthma and also seems to have Allergies which they are testing at the minute!!

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Hi Chelle,

Welcome to the site!! I can sympathise with you as my son has been diagnosed since he was two, and he is now nine!! Like most parents on here we have been in and out of hospital/doctor's etc.

It is a great source of comfort to hear from other parents and just to know that you are not completely mad in how you feel about asthma and how it affects your child. It just comforts me to know that I am not alone and that other people understand how I feel (and also how our children feel/suffer)

I certainly appreciate the good days that my son has, and am trying to get better in dealing with his bad days (think I need valium!!!), but we get through the bad days and when we do its like having a great big weight lifter off me (god knows how my son feels).

Anyway, I won't waffle on anymore (you have probably fallen asleep already!), but just wanted you to know you are not alone.

Serenity xx


Welcome Chelle. I agree it is strange how slow the doctors are to diagnose Asthma, my now teenage son showed asthma symptoms from very young, and I am an asthmatic myself, but it was a struggle to get him diagnosed and treated.

Serenity - I could have written your post! My son's health causes me so much anxiety but it is lovely when he is well.



Thank you for your words of support guys. Poppy is back to school this morning, my fingers are crossed!! She ended up having an Asthma Attack yesterday. I followed the info on her card and after 10 puffs I got it under control, this time!

She had been playing out in the garden and I thought I was doing the right thing letting her out into the fresh air and I gave her extra Loratadine before going out. She has been ill now for two weeks with a temp around 40. Our GP said she has a virus in her airways and he cannot give her anything. Does that sound right to you guys?

I am waiting to speak to our Asthma Nurse at the minute. I cannot keep Poppy locked up all summer and I cannot keep her away from illnesses within the school setting. Sometimes I feel the GP's haven't time and cannot wait to see you out of their room.

I feel like, oh here she is again, never happy, always pushing with questions and not satisfied....

This is the hardest job I have ever had in my life. Thank God for my husband's support. And yours of course haha.....


Hiya Chelle,

I am glad Poppy is back at school, and I hope she has had a good day.

I know how you feel as Louis has had quite a lot of time off school recently and as much as he is ill, I know that he wants to go to school (he gets bored very easily and is quite hyper!). Louis returned to school last Thursday (he is like a yoyo at the moment, couple of days at school then time off!) and all I do is worry and as soon as we pick him up, I am asking did you need your puffer, have you coughed much etc etc!!.

Don't worry about the gp's, I think they all have different attitudes to dealing with an unwell child who is asthmatic. I swear by steroids (prednisolone) and always have an emergency supply as that is what gets Louis through the worst of his symptoms. Louis has had three courses of anti b's, nebuliser, ventolin, calpol (Louis has had high temp 40 too), and of course steroids plus his usual asthma meds. Please don't worry about keep going back to the gp's as that is what they are for and as I have always been told ""you know your child better than anyone else"" and know the signs etc of when they are not well.

Lets hope both Poppy and Louis manage to keep at school, I know what you mean when you say you can't keep them indoors all the time...........but I do worry!!

Take care and speak soon

Serenity xx


Meant to say too, that my husband is great and supportive, I must appear so neurotic to him!!!



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