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Concerned now about my 7 year old

My 7 year old son has had asthma since he was 3 - he was triggered off at first by cat fur - although nobody really believed us until it happend 3-4 times.

Anyway his last attack was in July 2008 - he hasn't needed an admittance to hospital....until last thursday.

He got quite poorly when he was in hospital, got himself a bed in PICU and was on IV Salbutamol as well as hourly nebulisers and Pred

On Saturday he picked up and by Saturday evening the cannula was out and he was sat up and ready to go back to the general ward - he carried on picking up, the doctor couldn't see no recession, no tug no nothing anymore, and couldnt hear no wheeze, so she discharged him

48 hours later - hes back to coughing - i've carried on with the blue inhaler as they told me 10 puffs every 4 hours - but earlier today that stopped the coughing for a bit, but now its not and hes coughing quite regularly and hard.

I rang NHS direct in the early hours of the morning and they got me an appointment at the walk in centre...the nurse checked him out, his oxygen level was 95% so he said that didnt concern him, he said he couldn't hear a wheeze and could see slight recession, but just to carry on as i was at home.

the hospital but on his discharge form that he had an ""Infective Asthma Excerbation"" does that mean hes got an infection? the nurse said hes probably got a viral infection this morning which is why he's coughing.

I dont really know what to do anymore, i keep taking him back and they keep telling me he's fine, oxygen levels are fine at 95% and they cant see what im seeing....soon as im back home it starts so im wondering if theres a triggerin my house somewhere

im probably rambling but im sleep deprived because of doing his inhalers in the night.

this is not normal for us, he has been under control since July 2008 with just his Clenil Modulite.

What else can i do apart from go back to the hospital? my ex partner is demanding i take him back

thank you

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has he been seen by an actual doctor or just a nurse?

you know your son better than anyone else, you know if he's not right. if you've only had a nurse check him out - personally [although I don't have kids] I'd ask for a second opinion from a doctor. I'm under a consultant who isn't sure whether I'm actually asthmatic, but the amount of times I've seen a nurse and they've said I'm ok, then I've landed in hospital a few hours later with severe breathing difficulties is stupid - which A&E staff have said have been asthma attacks.

I hope this helps.


Thank you

he was just seen by 2 nurses this morning, and not a doctor, but last time this happened being thursday, my gp said the same as the nurses, that he was fine, and he still landed up in hospital with them saying asthma attack

Looks like i may need to head off then just to be certain xx


I agree with confused re getting a second opinion, especially since it sounds like they've been going on the usual no wheeze=no problem even though a substantial minority of asthmatics (about a third according to my GP) don't generally wheeze.

Also, no idea if this is possible or can be done but any chance you could try explaining the situation and asking them to come to you? If something at home is setting him off you need to know about it!

Good luck, hope you get somewhere and he feels better.


Oh poor little man :-(

Just a flying visit but I'd take him for a third opinion. If he has slight recession then that means he is working slightly harder than he should be. He may well have an infection but regardless of this, he's still struggling and not as well as normal.

Have you tried videoing him on your phone? May be an option and one that they can't disagree with ;-)

Hugs to you for being sleep deprived, it's horrid! That along with the worry is awful!!

Let us know what you do and how he is.

Lots of love x


Thanks Emily

I am taking him as hes coughing none stop and so the third opinion can't hurt. this has really been going on since last wednesday so nearly a week and as soon as he came out of hospital on Sunday, he was okay - but when we got home, he was coughing again by 7pm

so i think its best! least i know where we stand then



Let us know how you get on. X



I have just seen this thread I hope you got on better third time round and your son is getting the treatment he needs. Thinking of you, let us know how he is!

Hugs for you, Clare


We ended up having an overnight stay in hospital as when we got there his sats were down to 90%

He had one nebuliser, some steroids and has been on 4 hourly inhalers and managing since 2am - so they discharged up around an hour ago.

The doctor this moring was very pleased with how he picked up ,a nd suggested i make an appointment to see the asthma nurse at my gp's



Hi there

So pleased to hear your son is on the mend.

Clare x


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