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Hi After abit of advice

My sons 18mths and i was told at about 5mth old he had asthma. Hes got alot of food allergies too. Anyway on 12/01/12 he had a challenge test for Milk. He did his usual swelling but they passed him because there happy hes not going into shock. So for the last week ive been giving baked milk products and over the last week his Asthma has got worse and worse, his sleep apnia had stopped at about 10mths but started back up this weekend. Hes waking through the night and just choking last night i ended up siting up against the wall with him stand on my knee just so he could get some sleep. On monday (23rd) i took him to our GP who told me to contact his consultant, eventuly the consultant rang me back and told me to take him straight to a&e and he would be there too see him and to bring a over night bag. I did all this after sorting my other children out and was at the hospital 2hrs later by this time the consultant had gone home?!?! I was so mad. Another doctor checked him out (and watched the video i had recorded due to noone ever listening ive found recording the best evidence) and decided he needed to stay in, then another doctor came and decided he had carmed down so could go home but on steriods. This was monday (23rd) his steriods are a 3 day course so took the last two tonight. Should i be seeing any improvment by now? Do steriods make u cough even more (seems like hooping cough but only for half a hr after steriods)? (He has 2puffs morning and night - Orange inhaler, 6puffs morning & night & when ever throught day/night - blue inhaler & Singular tablet on a night) Thanks for reading xxxx

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I can sympathise as we went through all this with our baby son (he's 14 now). We cant actually give advice on this forum, only a doctor who has seen your son can. Also everyone is different and asthma is very variable which is why it can be hard to treat.

I suggest you go back to the doctor, in the morning if possible, and get your son checked again. He may need a longer course of steroids. My son is slightly steroid resistant so it always takes longer for him to improve - I am the same (I am a lifelong asthmatic). You mention your son coughs after steroids, I wouldnt have thought the two were linked but dont really know. I would mention it to the doctor.

I am sorry I can not be of more help - I really hope things improve for you as I know how hard it is.


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