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Must be a week for Ranting !!

My turns to vent now!!

Please someone tell me how to handle a child who fears for herself

Yes the Asthma's bad, but sometimes the psychology is

a harder thing to administer when you have little/no experience.

Does anyone have any tools/advice for getting a child motivated and ""back to normal""

after an attack when they want to give in to it!!

Ive tried

1. Love and cuddles

2. Pep talk

3. Bribery

4. Blackmail

5. Silence

Anybody got any other suggestions for keeping her going?

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I just wanted to send you a massive e-hug, I read this and got a tiny glimpse of your pain.

What are the things she really enjoys? maybe you could talk about those to her when she's feeling like that. Maybe a bit of councilling might help her, help her to get her head round what's going on? or a few changes to her lifestyle? join a new club which she can do as well as other children who don't have asthma, encourage her to spend more time with her friends?

Sorry I can't be of more help



Their friends maybe able to help them feel 'normal' again and the rest will take time. My thoughts are with you hun you seem to be doing everthing you can.




I don't know if this will help you but my friend has a daughter with eczema and she is part of a forum for support with that. On their forum they discuss motivational and distraction techniques for when the eczema is really bad. I think the website is something like but i will double check and let you know as some of the suggestions may work for you as well.

Good luck.


Show your daughter the Kick Asthma pages -

and leave her to it. Let her find out for herself that you can get on with life even with asthma. Kick Asthma run holidays too.

Call or email the AsthmaUK nurses on this site too. Might come up with further suggestions.

Hope this helps a bit.



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