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hi, my son has severe asthma he was diagnosed at 2 months in 2007, he has had many stays at the hospital and is taking the brown, green, blue and green and white inhalor and montelukast he has been alittle better this year but still struggles, has anyone got any advice because i dont like giving him so much medication.

I was also diagnosed with asthma in 2007 and was in hospital last year with pneumonia.

thanks emma

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your son sounds like a similar situation to the one I was in, when I was younger myself. how old is your son now? has he been checked for acid reflux? it can worsen asthma symptoms. I had bad asthma for around 3yrs, then it died down, it came back a few years later fairly mild at the start, but developed into severe asthma again with frequent admissions and trips to A&E.

feel free to PM me if you want to talk. I don't have children myself but I have had asthma for around 14/15yrs.


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