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Nothing is working :( PANIC


Got some great responses last time so hoping that I'm not the only one here.

My son only just turned 2 and is on blue and brown inhaler (8 puffs a day divided into 2 sessions!) He is also on a 10 day pred course, 3 tabs per day. And although his coughing is less, its most definitely still there. We have had a crappy day as the pred has made his moods suffer and he is normally an angel. He's been evil, whinging, hitting, grizzling, tired.

I just feel that there must be sOMEWHERE else to go? A really kind poster suggested Singulair. I'd like to try it, but worried it won't make a difference. I HATE him having pred, I really do, but I need to feel that I'm doing something. He also has a cold. Am just sitting here, Xmas night, listening to him coughing and coughing. Please, anyone, can I ever expect perfection with this medication? Or just a bit of improvement? Or a lot? I just don't know. Would like to know of more experiences with Singulair as well. xx

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Singulair really helped my son - he was about 7 or 8 when he started taking it. There is a paediatric dose - my son is now on adult dose. Some users have reported side effects including bad dreams, but my son has never experienced anything. It's worth asking your GP about it.

Another thing - we have been taking vit supplements for a few yrs now (I have asthma too) and we certainly seem to have fewer colds (our main trigger). Allergies are another trigger and we are both on antihistamines and son is also on a nasal spray for rhinitis. All these things have helped.



My daughter is on singulir, its not a rescue treatment though its a long term treatment and can take up to a month to start having an affect.

It has really helped her wheezing, though her trigger is a cold and although even on pred sometimes she will still cough even though on full treatment.

How much blue inhaler is your son having ? that one can be incressed on the advise off your doctor my daughter has an asthma plan.

If hes still coughing and not on full blue inhaler i would conact your GP and ask for it to be reviewed.


Mummy to Martha Moo


Hi, so sorry to read you are going through this with your son.

My daughter is 3 and we have been through what you describe on a regular basis. It's exhausting and can feel very scary and isolating. The worst feeling is to feel out of control and unable to help your child.

Maddie has been on singular for quite a while now but I'm not sure if it really has great effect for her as her asthma doesn't appear to be allergy triggered. She is on daily maintenance dose of pred and I sympathise with the mood effects it has. :-/ Maddie is hyped up emotionally most of the time!

My older daughter (aged 5) however also takes singular and it does appear to help control her symptoms. (she is allergy triggered!)

I'd definately speak to your gp/asthma nurse/consultant in the nr future and ask for your sons meds to be reviewed.

We've also found that with both of our girls that on some occasions the pred dose needs to be

increased in dose as opposed to length of the course. If he's still struggling I'd be inclined to revisit the gp to get a further assessment. However our youngest has recently recovered from a 5wk long exasperation that was triggered by an infection. There seems to be so much going around right now.

I so hope things calm soon for you both and you can get some help. Let us know how he goes.

Take care. Lots of love,

Emily x


I love Singulair. Am convinced it has helped my 4yr old. After yet another hospital admission, I begged our lovely consultant to try something else. He is now off all inhalers and only occasionally needs ventolin if he has a bad cold/cough. And - touch wood, hasn't been to hospital for 6 months!!


My daughter is on it and has been since last November, she's 2. It does have side effects but she didn't seem to get them. It's cut the length of each 'episode' but not the frequency.

I feel for you because I've been there so much with her, she seems to spend her life during the winter in hospital or on pred or nebulisers and she goes down hill so quickly. I am so frustrated for her, we have only just finished a weaning regime and pred and a hospital visit when bam! Last night she comes down with a cough again I feel at my wits end too. My asthma nurse is great and the consultant but I don't know where else to turn either. : (

Deb x


hi, i know how hard it is when you littleone is son is 5 he has been on singulair since he was 2 i swear this has helped him so much although he still does have flare ups we seem to b able to get it under control a lot better. he is also on a nasal spray purple inhalerand blue when he needs it. he still also needsto use preds so its not a cure or replacement for other meds but i deffo feel it does help.


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