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hey ? about salbut

Hello Girls and Guys,

Hope all your kids are well at the moment.

Martha is nearly there going try her without her salbut tomorrow and that will be nearly 3 weeks form onset of cold.

Question for you, if your lo colds are their trigger how much salbut do you give them when the start?

the asthma nurse now wants Martha to start stright in with 10 puffs 4 hrly on the first signs off a cold. This scares me a bit as i have no fall back then iykwim. as normally she having 5-8 puffs then i go up to 10 iff that doesnt work. I mean she did say to start with 5 if i wasnt comfortable with 10. But just wondering what your options are??

I can just see this winter is going to be a long one. I have an app on 10th oct for our consultant , they where planning to discharge her but i am going to ask them not, but dont think they will anyone now shes had this epsiode this time.

I gonna brave not giving salbut tomrrow and see what happens.

I also think how can i avoid colds as its everywhere and i cant keep her locked up everyday.



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I dont think it's a good idea to cut salbut altogether even just experimentally. With regard to how much salbut to give at the start of a cold, I used to just up it a bit and keep the 10 puffs etc for when my son was really struggling. But everyone is different, so you should really follow the nurse or GP's advice and if things dont improve, go back to GP.

Unfortunately colds are the bane of most asthmatics' lives - I absolutely dread me or my son getting them. We take extra vit C and try to wash our hands a lot. Also dress warmly when going out and try to avoid people with colds. Apart from that, I just keep hoping for the best!



Thank you. The asthma nurse doesnt want her on salbut inbetween times and inbetween she is managed on her steriod inhaler and singluir when she is well inbetween times she doesnt normally need the salbut and thats what the hosp want. I dont know if thats normal?? but thats what her plan says.

she is right down to min salbut again and we have only given it 2 times in the last 3 days.

I will try getting into town tomorrow and see if i can get her some kids vit c.

thanks again.


sorry i am post night shift and cant remember what else you said.

i awaiting her new plan at the moment. but they said to give her 10 puffs stright off or 5 if i wasnt comfortable with it. We are currently been managed by the hosp as my GP 's if i dont see the one who deals with my daughter we get told wrong things.

thanks again


Maddies symptoms seem to start quite abruptly when she starts a cold. We go straight in with the 10 puffs every 4 hours as we have learnt from experience that without this approach she ends up in hospital. Any less than 10 puffs aren't effective with her.

If you aren't happy with the 10, maybe start with 5 and work up. I never used to feel right giving 10 but I now know its the only way with Maddie.

Hope tomorrow goes well. X


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