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Is this to do with Asthma/allergies?

Hi i am still relatively new to all this Asthma and allergy stuff and am hoping to find some help and support on this site as well as possibly being help and support to others!

My daughter was diagnosed with asthma about 18 months ago and we are still finding out her triggers daily!

It seems that my little one presents with typical infection symptoms such as high temp, irritability and lethargy when i think she is having a reaction to her allergy triggers! It just seems to happen quite regularly and then we think she is going to be ill and it comes to nothing! Doctors tell us its viral but i think its her asthma as she is always chesty/wheezy with it. I know i am not a doctor, but am going completely on my maternal instincts!

I was just wondering if this was a common thing with asthma and allergies?

I hope this makes sense to anyone reading it!


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hiya , yes my littleone is the same he always seems to have a viral infection, temp, whingy, restless etc and i do believe it is down to his allergies.

i asked his consultant why he was always sick, she explained that because his body fights against allergens he is constanlty fighting to stay well and in turn causes a dip in his immune system etc causing the symptoms of viral infection.

hope this helps a little.

helen(jakeys mum)


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