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chest tight/pain but no external signs of symptoms?

hi all,

it's been a while since i've been on here! my lad (just 5 years) keeps telling me that he has tummy ache. i kept trying to brush it off as tummy ache but have a sneaking feeling that it might actually be his asthma flaring up as i try to do all the usuals - keep off food, rub him tummy, dristraction etc but it doesn't work. however, if i give him his salbutamol he doesn't mention it again. he's also sounding like he's getting a cough. has anyone seen this in their child re. chest pain/tightening? he doesn't have any other signs i.e increase rate of breathing, using his tummy, noist breathing etc.


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Have you given him pain relief eg Calpol to see if that helps? My son (14 now) used to have tummy problems as well as asthma and there does seem to be a link between the two sometimes. I'd get him checked by the doctor. Sorry cant be more helpful.


there is a link between asthma and reflux, especially if hje has tummy ache - has he been tested for this?


My 7 yo often gets a tummy pain (high up) with his asthma and isn't too hungry. I've been told that it can be due to lungs expanding to take in more air and pushing down on tummy. It goes away with his Ventolin if we get it in time or he's sick and then fine. Normally coincides with stormy weather and crazy pollen. But then again it could be something else! Once it happens several times you see a pattern.


My 7 yo often has tummy pain and doesnt want to eat, and this usually seems to coincide with her wheezy chest. She is also very fussy about what she eats as she says its too sticky! I presume thats her asthma too! She also gets 'full up' really quickly.

Children do often get muddled about where the pain is so it sounds like your little one could be suffering with his chest if the salbutamol is helping.


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