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Fingers crossed first night off pred

Hi everyone,

thank you for the welcome in my other post.

Martha has had a better day still got a temp, finally ate something though was 3 satsumas, some plain pasta and she has had about a pint off milk . Still on 4hry salbut and atrovent but tonight is her first night without the pred.... so finger crossed it doesnt go the wrong way. I working tomorrow which i rather not but she is with my mum so should be ok.

Its quite funny and dont know if anyone elses little ones are the same. When shes well she a little monkey taking her inhalers... but when shes ill she takes it well... its as if she knows she needs it.

Talked to her asthma nurse. And got an app for monday for a review could off seen the GP but i wont get the one who knows her well and the others keep giving me bad advise (which i ingnored lol). Shes sounded a little shocked by the amount off salbut that she needed on sunday night. I was so worried i was wrong to take her to a and e.

I am so glad i found you all here......

take care and hope all your kids are well at the moment.


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Hi Natasha

Great to hear Martha is feeling a bit better, I hope you have a good night and she continues to improve.

Clare x



How's did Martha go through the night? Hope it was smooth for you all.




She doing ok.. thanks, still got a high temp but her symptomes have eased a little but is still having some interval coughing inbetween the salbut but not enough to to give her more.

Seeing the asthma nurse monday.

Hope your children are all well... someone was saying to me that the barley dust is causing lots off people problems..

thanks again..


Hi Natasha

I am glad to hear Martha is improving, it's interesting what you say about the barley dust my son has been struggling this week and we live in the countryside, may well be that!

Take care, Clare x



Hope Martha continues to improve,

Thanks for the info regarding barley dust, my son is struggling at night and apparently we have it all around our village.

take care



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