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less than a week after a cold we have another one :( and ?about flu jab

Hi All,

Hope all your kids are well??

We done a less than a week off salbut and and about a week and half form end off last cold which lasted way over 3 weeks ...... we have a cold again.... argghhh so far no coughing with this one but goodness knows if we will or not as only 2 days in .

I have an app with the consultant in a few weeks, to disscuss winter plan. What do you all do about the flu jab?? with the fact that Marthas under 2 i am unsure what they will advise?

Also how many off your lo's take proflactic anti bots? Martha only go took off aztromiciyn?sp in June and wondering off she/i should ask if she should start it again.

Also where your lo's tested for any other resp condtions before being dxed with asthma?

getting so worried we are going to end up where we where again last year in PICU.

thanks again


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Aw, sounds like you're having horrid time. The worry and anguish of having a child with asthma is hideous and v v draining. :-(

Maddie has had flu jabs since she was one but I know they are ok from 6mths I think. As for profalatic (sp!) antibs, Maddie was on them but they really upset her tum so we have given up on them!!

She has also had several other resp things tested for such as cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, tb, airway deformation, and a few others (forgotten and not nr her notes but can pm if you like?) there have been many many tests. She has had bronchoscopy and ct. Also a 24 ph study to check for reflex.

I think you're a fab mummy in that you are Pre empting the winter and getting ready. Half the battle is being prepared. At least as much as you can. Asthma still takes me by storm!! :-(

Please feel free to pm me anytime.

Loads of love,

Take care,

Emily xxxx


Hi Natasha,

Tom has had the flu jab every year since he was about two, when he was very young it was given to him in two stages, I think about a week apart. He tends to have a fever the day after the jab but apart from that he has been fine. he has also had the swine flu jab.

Tom was unofficially given a diagnosis of asthma at a young age and had had lots of tests ruling other things out since then.

I hope Martha is fighting that cold off successfully!!



Thanks emily and vicky,

shes getting there slowly.


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