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Ease child into new school?

Hi all

Well we have finally got a place in another school for my son. I'm now panicking that we have done the right thing.

Does anyone have any advice? How I can settle him into the new routine. I hope he makes new friends quickly. He's 7 next week.

Could it effect his asthma? If so any advise please.

Anything would be gratefully received



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Hi I have 3 children 11,9 and 4 and my son and daughter have asthma. My daughter who is 9 changed schools ( she went up to middle school) 2 years ago but at the same time her best friend left so she had to make new friends. I think I probably worried a lot more than she did and she did settle quite quickly - at that age they still seem to make friends fairly ok. I just tried to be upbeat about it for her sake (!!) She does seem to occasionally have stress related asthma usually if there are any problems or going back in Sept after the school holidays but we just try and keep it all low key and treat the symptoms as and when. I do hope that your son will be ok and enjoy his new school.



Hi We are guardians to Scott who was 7 last week He came down from Scotland to live with us so he started anew school in a new place with a different accent and from day 1 he was accepted and has been very happy As was said before kids of this age are very adaptible His asthma has been affected in that he has picked up one cold after another in a different environment(a major trigger) so has been on Ventolin 4xdaily as well as his usual becotide Hope your son has been as lucky at his new school Good luck!


Many thanks. He seems very excited about going not sure if it has sunk in yet. I just hope he is happy.

Thanks for the posts I wish you all well.



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