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Daughter now haaving high sugar levels due to long term steroid usage

Hi since my last post i took sample of my daughters urine to the doctors to be tested as she had been on steroids for about 6 weeks and it came back as higher sugar levels than she should do and he has shown some concern. What i would like to know is is this a normal thing to happen as he was quite concerned and wants her to go to the specialist to be checked as she is still on the steroids and will also be on them for a bit longer still. Could anyone shed some light on this and hould i be worried. Thanks Shelly

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Hi From time to time this happens to me, and I have been in prednisolone perminately for nearly 20 years. So far I have been lucky and not developed Diabetes. But to keep an eye one things from time to time a get a blood fasting glucose test, just to make sure everything it okay.

Hope all goes well


This is slightly different but when my son was in hospital a few weeks ago due to an attack, his levels came back very high and they thought he may have diabetes. But a few hours later the test was normal and they said the steroids can produce a false reading.


Hi thanks for your replies its now put my mind at rest at the moment we have tried to get her to do a blood test finger prick thing but my daughte has a major phobia of needles unfortunately so e have to rely on water sampless. So once again thankyou for your helpful advice and will def keep monitoring it x


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