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Hi there

Does anybody know if there is any help for learning to drive. I have three children. My youngest daughter who is 5 has Asthma, Rhinitus and severe eczema. My eldest daughter who is 6 has Severe eczema which is being treated with a long term treatment of prednisolone steroid which at the momement is keeping her Asthma under control although she is slowly being taken of it at the mo and we have been warned this could cause an attack. My son who is 11 has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as well. This means loads of hospital appointments to see specialists that are actually 2o miles away from my home. I know there is mobolity but they dont take in to consideration all children together. It is hard for any parent to walk your kids everywhere but when you have three who are complaining of different things its a complete nightmare. I failed my driving test again yesterday and am really struggling to pay for lessons and I need to retake my theory.

Does any body have any advice please.

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Hi, I don't think you can get help with the costs of learning to drive; but you can certainly apply for help with the costs of travel to and from hospital. You can apply through the form HCA1 (I think) ""Help with health costs"" which you should be able to get hold of from a pharmacy, GP surgery or Post Office.


Thankyou for that. I will go and track one down in the morning


Hi Olivefamily

I'm sorry you failed your driving test again!!! It took me 4 times!!

I don't think you can get help with cost of driving lessons. But you might me able to get Disability Living Allowance for some of your children. I know that some children with diabetes are eligible and some with Asthma - although it depends on the severity.

It might me worth having a chat with someone at Citizen's Advice or at a Disablity advice centre (you should be able to find local ones in yellow pages under disability section). I hope that helps.

Good luck with your next test. I only managed to pass after getting some tablets off GP - I was so nervous my legs shaked!!!

Take care




I'm so sorry you have so much going on at the moment. Trying to pass your driving test is stressful enough without all that is going on.

Maybe take a small break from the lessons for a while, when things are abit more in control take it up again. I'm sure you will pass with flying colours.

I failed the first time. On my second I asked for my instructor to be in the back and I talked all the way through the exam, explaining what I was doing and why. It seemed to work and I passed even with 11 minor faults!!!

All the best


there is a charity called the family fund trust and u can get so many driving lessons for free, they help parents who have children with disabilities and health problems they also help to get things u need such as washers and stuff and also for holidays aswell


Hey, I know if you have a prescription exeption certificate card thingy, If you go to the cashiers office at your local hospital after a cons appointment and take bus tickets etc you can usually claim your money back for bus fares (If its a child's appointment you get the childs fare plus one accompanying adult).

Hope that helps.

Emma x


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