Welcome to my world…

My son wrote this poem in his graduating year. The teacher sent it to me because she thought I would like to see it. I remember him saying to me once when I was sick with a cold and complaining about my cough “Welcome to my world Mom”.

Welcome to my world…

Come and take a walk with me and feel the world the way I do.

We’ll take two steps forward and fall 3 more behind.

We’ll walk a little further, until we can’t walk anymore.

We’ll reach into our pockets for that little fresh breath of air,

We’ll take a few more steps and reach for a few more breaths.

We could just give up and stop walking, but that is not living.

We’ll long for the day when we can walk as many steps as we want without all the despair.

So until that day arrives we’ll keep on stepping forward and falling behind.

Welcome to my world…



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3 Replies

  • That poem was lovely and brought back memories from when my daughter was a toddler and coughed night after night for 2 years until they would finally diagnose her as asthmatic. she used to love walking but eveery time we came to a hill she would take one look and sit down at the bottom. Nothing would make her budge. I was already diagnosed asthmatic but it was only very mild. I remember having the occasional time when I struggled up a hill but for my daughter any amount of hill was just too much effort - she always had to be carried. It does us all good to see the world through our child's eyes at times. Now she is a healthy 19 year old whose asthma is very mild just using her reliever occasionally and it is me who can't get up the hills without coughing and wheezing unless I go at snails pace.

  • omg im sat at work browsing the boards during lunch and ended up teary. I was going to say what a lovely poem but on second thoughts im thinking how sad the poem is. I always wonder what Sean really thinks about being so ill, he never complains and is such a happy kid. I often think he must get really scared at times, really fed up and wonder why me but he doesnt say.

    Your son found a way to express how he felt and probably how so many poorly kids feel every day.

    J x

  • Hi julie,

    Don’s teacher also said she became choked up and had a new respect for what Don had to deal with every day of his life. When Don was a young boy he never complained about his asthma and he always tried to do what all the other kids did. His hockey coach used to get scared when he would have an attack during a game. Don would go on his nebulizer in between periods and to his coaches amazement would keep on playing. This always got alot of negative remarks from other parents about how we could allow him to play when he was so sick. Our doctor believed that he would know what he was capable of doing and that we should never stop him from that. Don was a gifted hockey player who had to give up that dream last year as he could no longer keep up to the level of playing Junior hockey without becoming sick. He stills plays recreational hockey and is physically fit but still has the disappointment of not being able to follow through with that dream. He still doesn’t complain but I know that it bothers him.


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