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Daughter panic'd for first time- Any advice?

Hi all

As you may know i've got a 7yr old daughter who up till yesterday has been a little star, calling ambulances, opening the door getting nebs for me. Talking to daddy etc on my mobile to explain what's happening.

Yesterday when had to get ambulance she went straight to door to open it as ususal as that's her ""job"" but as all relatives were already here they took her upstairs to play instead and she TOTALLY freaked, went completely hysterical about me having an attack for the first time ever. I have never seen her so upset and she didn't calm down, had to be brought to A+E to see i was ok.

I think it's probably because of the change in ambulance calling routine, also because i've only just been disharged and she had someone else to lean on instead of having to be ""in charge""

But has anyone else been through this with their children? How did you reassure/deal with it so she can cope better next time?

Any advice would be very welcome



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Hi Marmite

I had a simlar experience with my eldest about 2 yrs ago ,as you say they have their jobs andso without them i think they lose their security.

My daughter said that while she did her ""jobs"" she didnt have time to be scared so maybe this was the case with your daughter, and also that because she didnt do her job she had let me down.

maybe you could explain to your family that she needs that to help her deal with whats happening and could they please either let her do it or at least include her.

She may need reassuring that she hasnt done anything wrong as well and that they are still her very important and special jobsand that you need her to do them and that the family members didnt realise that the jobs belonged to her daughters.

My family used to try and shield my kids from my exits with the green men but now they often wave to me , this only changed once my eldest saw me being resusitated and the family saw that she dealt with my departure better then than before,

I hope this has helped? I fyou want to talk to me more about it then please message me, Take care


Thanks for the reply hopalong.

Have had big chat with her and she thought she was going to be left on her own in charge of the twins and says everyone else sent her upstairs made her panic because ""they don't know what you need to take to hospital mummy like your pillows and necklace and nobody listened to me"" so that's why she was extra worried and reacted in a perfectly normal way for a child! She says can she be in charge next time and send them away! The mind of a 7yr old amazes me.


Hi Marmite

Im glad that u have had a chat with yr daughter and that u are both happier now,i know what u mean about the minds of kids , my 10 yr old told her aunt (whose 29) that she was over exaggerating the other nite when my sis said she was freezing!! She then turned round to me and said my eyes looked piggyish (wretched hayfever and v itchy!) and that i needed make up to look good to go out!

Any time u want to chat feel free to message me , love Eagle Owl!!


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