Relief AT LAST!!

At last we seem to have control of Maddies asthma!

We've spent the last two years up at night trying to control symptoms, managing sudden downward spirals during the days with meds, mopping up after she's vomitted through coughing, managing her when she's choking, and doing the usual emergency meds when she tries to walk and can't!

Now, with a change of meds, stronger and more effective, she has walked without problem! From only managing 50yds, she managed a proper walk and was ok. She has played without concern and has eaten without choking! And slept!! It's only been a few days without symptoms but ahe has never, since about 6 months, had a few hours free, let alone days!!

I feel sooo relieved and happy. I feel different! Like a mum should!

I just want to say a whopping thank you to you all for being such an amazing support through what has truely been the hardest time of my life! Noone should see their child struggle for breath!

Thank you all so much x

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  • Hi Emily

    I was so pleased to hear about the improvement in Maddie's asthma. I too have just got control over my asthma after 2 years of severely uncontrolled symptoms so I know where you are coming from. I have to say, though that I think it is worse watching your child being unwell. I used to hate it when my kids were ill. I hope this improvement lasts, but don't get downhearted if she has the odd blip.

    Best Wishes

  • Hi Emily

    Do you know I saw the heading for this post and I just knew it was you, I am SO SO happy for you, Maddie and all the family.

    Cheers ;-)

  • Sending a big well done to whoever came up with the new meds for Maddie. So good to hear.

  • yeah!!!! long may this last for you, very good news!!! x

  • Great news Emily. xx

  • Oh so happy for you, Maddie and the rest of the family and hope this is the turning point you have all needed

    Emma x

  • That is fantastic for both of you!


  • Really pleased to hear this, it sounded horrendous what Maddie was going through and you having to deal with it all.

    Hope things keep getting better - will you be able to sort the choking issue now she's not having so many breathing problems?

  • Aww thank you all soooo much for your replies, means the world.

    Pholomela- we had the results bk about the choking and unfortunately it seems to be a physiological problem in that she has an abnormal swallow so therefore chokes. Not sure if anything can be done but are meeting with the speech therapist in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks once again. Hope you all have a good weekend and this damp weather doesn't cause too many problems. X

  • Such great news to hear that Maddie is finally able to be the little girl that she is and laugh and play freely. Long may it continue

  • Fabulous news. I truely am over joyed for you. I too can post gd news. Piglet has slept for a week too. Not a wheeze or cough for seven whole nights. So i totally share your joy on a simer level as piglet has only been rough for five months. Enjoy being mummy and watching maddie have fun.chell.xx

  • That is brilliant, so pleased for you all.

  • emily that is fantastic news

    well done maddie!!

    long may this continue :)

    sending you big hugs


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