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Tom and thank you

Well I want to say a big thank you to you all! I meanThat from the bottem of my heart we'll my partner and I do.Well sadly we have had to take time away from Tom I have sickness but I just can't stop worrying about himwitxg I know want help me get better.We have asked for Tom to be moved to a different Hospita we have had problems there before but not onlydid they this time not treat his pain *turned out ctacked ribs*But during the night on wednesday/Thursday morning he had a fit in bed were upon no one checked on so he fell out of bed now all the side of his Face is bruised and red plus his arm.....But thanks to you all I have got the confidence to speak up as beforeI just took there doctors/nurses word for it but now I know not to I will listen to Tom more and when he says there is somthing wrong but he doctor says there isn't I know Tom is right....One more thing they will not give Tom any pain killers due to allergies and E.P Tom can't move for pain dose any one have any surgestions as to what else we could use?.thanks again.Chloe xI do think my post comes up more than once I am using my phone and not to sure how to use it very well x


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