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New here-advice needed please


I am new to the forum. i am concerned about my 2 year old son. He has been diagnosed with asthma and has his brown inhaler twice a day and blue inhaler as and when needed. My concern is that for the last year and half he has been ill on and off. His symptoms have always been the same, wheezing, coughing, temperature, and ""flemy"" stuff in his throat. He seems to continously cough and eventually he is sick which relieves some of the flem which congests in his throat but a few hours later its bad again. Even when he is well you can still hear there is a small amount of flem in his throat. He is usually like this every month and sometimes more than once a month. We take him to the dr every time but they always put it down to being a virus and wont give him anything for it. I did take him to the asthma nurse a couple of months ago which is when he was diagnosed with asthma. We just get really concerned about him because there are many times when he is just constantly coughing and unable to stop.When he breathes his chest also caves in which doesnt look very good at all. Is this anything unusual? Persoanlly i think he should be under a consultant or peadiatrian but my gp just doesnt seem to think its anything and we just feel like we are constantly banging our heads against a brick wall!

Is there anything we can do to get him seen or are we being over cautious?

Any help or advice will be grately appreciated!


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You are entitled to see a consultant if you want to and you can insist to your GP. My son had real problems when he was about 5 and I wanted the expertise of a consultant to at least say yes this is the right thing and insisted on a referral. We did see a wonderful consutlant who monitored his treatment although didnt change too much as he was already on adult doses of things but I felt more reassured.

Sounds like you are having a tough time and need some support and further help. Dont be afraid to ask and or take him to your out of hours doctors or A+E if you are worried.


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