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God Im Angry

My 6 year old daughter is in hospital at the mo after a severe allergic reaction/asthma attack to a new type of headlice lotion.I popped home today to get some clothes and food to find a lovely letter waiting for me.It was from the Education Welfare Officer saying that Chloes attendance was 0nly 52% last year for the whole school year and that it wasn't acceptable.So me being me very tired and angry decided to phone him.He said he was new to the area and school so he knew nothing about Chloes asthma, how severe it was,or the care she received and basically told me if it didn't improve he would take us to court.He said he'd not yet spoken to the school as he had just been given a copy of the register for last school year and he had to check up on all attendances below 95%.he also said that as from today I would have to get a medical note from hospital or doctors everytime Chloe was off and send it too him. Has anyone else experienced this ?

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That sounds heavy going. Won't just one latter from Chloe's consultant do? He can keep that on file. It is apalling that he hasn't spoken with the school before writing to you. Talk about going off the deep end before he gathers all his evidence. That is more than an employer would ask for someone at work.

Ange xx


The funny thing is last year her attendance was only 44% and it was a different welfare officer .she called a meeting with the consultant etc.. and school then provided a taxi to and from school ( which we still get) But she gave us false promises and said there would always be work available for Chloe.We never did get anything.Chloe was in hospital for a six week block last xmas and school never made any contact at all.When I'd had enough of her falling behind I contacted school asking for a meeting to be set up and suddenly the head realised Chloe had been off for 6 weeks and turned the tables so it looked like she had set it up.Chloe never does a full 2 weeks at school without either being sent home or never actually getting there in the first place.Sorry for going on


Nikki, I would suggest you get a letter from her Cons explaining about her asthma send it and covering letter to this jumped up jobs worth (you might want to conact AUK to see if they have a leaflet or something you can send with it). I would also copy your letter to your MP and enlist his or her help in this. MP's have caseworkers who do have the time to follow up these sort of things this is not something you should have to be worrying about right now. If you don't know who your MP is drop me a PM and I will find out who it is for you.



I'm not surprised u r angry, I would be to. THe worry of Chloe being so ill is enough without some jobs worth jumping in with two left feet!

I hope Chloe improves and gets home very soon.

Julie x


not surprised you are angry - it sounds like this bloke is way out of line.

I hope Chloe gets home soon - big hugs

no words of wisdom, just wanted to say I'm thinking of you



Hi Nikki,

I'm absolutely horrified by what these imbeciles are making you go through when you already have so much to worry about. I don't see how they can possibly justify writing to you like this when they haven't even checked with the school first. The Education Authority should be supporting you not making life more difficult for you!

I'm sure they can't insist on a sick note for every absence, because GPs are only obliged to write one for absences of longer than seven days - certainly for an adult, before this time you can self-certify. I would have thought that one letter from the consultant would fix this. In any case it would never get to court cos they obviously haven't got a leg to stand on.

Looks like this could be yet another example of people hearing the word 'asthma' and thinking 'oh, it can't possibly be serious then...' *sigh*

Thinking of you both

Em H


Thanks everyone for your replies and messages. Chloe is home ( thank god) she done half a day at school today xx


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