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Holidaying abroad

Hi, this is my first time.

My 2 chidren have asthma and i have had a hellish past month. They have both needed to be nebulized every 4hrs and thay both have had a course of predisilone. I have visited casualty 4x in the last month. i am now waiting on an appoinment from the consultant. They have eventually got better, although there is this underlying cough that is refusing to go away.

I am due to go to Spain in afew weeks time and I am really dreading it. The asthma nurse assures me that they will be fine when they are there, but i am not sure. I am taking anebulizer with me, but I am scared that the air con, heat, aeroplane ,basically anything will trigger it off. The Gp and hospital is wary of giving me any ore steroids as they have been on so many over thepast few months.

They never wheeze but they do cough constantly. Ther O2 levels are always okay as well.

Any advice would be appreciated

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If its is any help everyone I know who has been to Spain even those with asthma at the worse end of the scale have come back saying how well their lungs behaved in Spain. One tip see if you can find someone who speaks fluent Spanish and who can translate your drug list and allergy lists. I think yellow cross do card that will say ""has asthma and X allergy"" on it and of course medic alert is internationally recognised will get details of medication etc in spanish to the Drs so long as you point the medic alert to them.

It is worth being prepared and don't expect them to speak English. I have been allergic to NSAIDS for years and cut myself scuba diving in Ibiza years ago (pre-asthma) I had to go and have it looked at and I could not get the Docs to understand NSAIDS even when written out in long form and they all spoke reasonable English we even had the dictionaries out, in the end I went for just telling them I was OK with paracetamol and I had to refuse an injection they were keen to give me as I could be be certain they had fully understood the degree of allergic response.

Good Luck



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