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hot (flu) wards - question

Hello folks, me again... and before you ask we failed again and ended up back in hospital :-( 4th time in last 2 months. Back on the steroids...

Have a question - not medical advice

When we go to hospital they continually put us on the flu ward, as Arthur is generally worked up and running a bit of a temperature. Has this happened to anyone else and has anyone actually refused to go on this ward. I almost refused as I knew it was Asthma but bottled it as last moment. Has anyone else refused to go on a flu ward? Knowing our blimming luck it is only a matter of time before he gets the flu from other kids.

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I get this all the time, everytime my son is bad enough attack to end up in hospital it is usually a cold or chest infection that triggers it, so they always put him down as viral induced wheeze, now he has after 7 years officially been diagnosed with asthma everytime we go into hospital they assume chest infection and whisk him off to x-ray, most come back clear!! some hospitals are apalling with childhood asthma


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