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Where do we go from here?

My son is almost 4 years old and we have been trying to get his asthma under control for over a year now. We have tried the salamol and beclatide inhalers, oral steriods and just recently singulair,but nothing seems to help. He still has a persistent cough, is wheezy and tired all the time. Does anyone have any ideas or recomendations of what they have successfully tried for a child of this age, as I know that some drugs are only for older children.Thanks

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Hi it sounds like you need the help of a specialist. We had the same problem with my Son when he was 18 months old. He was put on medication not licensed for under 12's, I was really worried but it worked. We have only been seeing a respiratory specialist for two years now, before we were seeing a pediatric specialist. We found that a my Son was on such a high dose of inhaled steroids (at one point double the adults maximum!) we had to give him a huge amount of steroids to get him through each episode. Now it's under control at the moment he's on a normal dose and the steroids work a lot quicker when needed.The respiratory specialist helped us with this and reducing his medication carefully (over 2 years). We've had a few blips but we have a lot more control now and different medication to sort it when all goes wrong.

The asthma nurses (no. in red at the left hand top of page) are brilliant and have helped me out so much. Sometimes I've called in tears not knowing what to do.

Take care and Good luck



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