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Advise needed

Hi my son who is nearly 3 has been admitted to hospital twice in 2 months wheezing, sob etc...and has now been diagnosed with asthma. Can the trigger be a common cold... cause thats how it starts?

Also the doctors were saying children tend to grow out of it is this true?

He also has ezcema are the 2 realated?

He still has a cough is this normal?


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Sometimes Children do grow out of Asthma and Eczema, it is very common that if you have the one condition that at some point the other may develop. The two conditions are very closely related, and yes the Common Cold can trigger Asthma syptoms.

I have had Eczema virtually from birth and developed Asthma at 9 years, many will grow out of both conditions, but will always be sensitive. Usually if you get a cold and it triggers the Asthma it is adviseable to step up the Asthma Treatment. Your asthma nurse/gp would be the best people in the first place to discuss such a plan. If your son is unwell the cough is part of it, but this can also be a sign that things are not controlled yet.

If would also if I was you speak to the asthma advice line nurses, they will be able to provide you the information you need, so that when you speak to your gp/asthma nurse you know which questions to ask. National Eczema Society are also very helpful. There contact details are also available on the Internet.


The common cold is very often a trigger for people with asthma, becuase this irrates the airways which in turn causes them to get inflammed and when they do this they get narrowor which makes it harder to breathe.

Children can indeed grow out of asthma when they reach the time they start to develp to teenagers all though not all children do.

Asthma, ezcema and allergies often all go together hand in hand.

Without being able to see or hear your son i have no idea if the cough is normal or not, i would suggest you go back to your GP and ask him about the cough and see what his advise is, also does your son have an asthma nurse? If not i would suggest you ask at your GP surgery if they have an asthma nurse and if they do go along and see them and they will be able to help you more with asthma questions especially ones that are specific to how your son is.

Hope that is of some help



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