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Hi all

my son who is now 13, has chronic asthma, eczema, enuresis problems. And seems to get diagnosed with something new each year. Well this time consultant said he had scoliosis, which xrays proved.

In the past iv'e read other people mention scoliosis on this site. What I want to know is it a common thing amongst asthmatics. My son has various things wrong with the shape of his chest (Harrison sulcus and other things) due to damage through asthma attacks over the years.

We are waiting for an appointment with specialist. Must admit worried to death over this scoliosis thing, normally just cover up the fact that i'm worried and don't say anything, and carry on as best I can, but just wanted to know what other peoples problems have been due to scoliosis.

Thanks Shelly

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Hi Shelly,

I've not seen it mentioned very often to be honest with you. Not sure what meds you son is on, but something to talk over with the doctors. All the inhaled steroids do come with a warning for high doses used in children, one of which is growth retardation and decrease in bone mineral density. It's possible looking at that, that the ICS could in part be responsible but scoliosis is treatable and very successfully as well. One has to weigh up the pros and cons of well controlled asthma against possible side effects.

Good luck with the appointment, but don't worry. I went to school with a kid, same age as your son and he had a very severe case, but after a few years the surgery and treatment was 100% success. He had 4 stainless steel bars inserted into his back and was also put in a fibreglass bodycast as he bent the first set of bars, still remember the site of the bar he brought in.


Hi my Son is 10 and has scoliosis, it was me who wrote about it last time. My Son also has Harrisons sulcus caused by years of badly controlled asthma.The hospital failed to notice the scoliosis for years, it was me that spotted it, but we have spent years fighting to save his life so were not looking for any more trouble. We see a chiropractor to straighten out his spine, it's not cheap but both hospitals are really impressed with the results and he hasnt had to have a brace or rods. he was very crooked.It may get worse when he hits his teens but again we will be going to the chiropractor regularly. My Son has enough to deal with without having surgery that can be avoided.He has mild autism and ADHD too. Good luck and please don't worry, it can be sorted. It's just a shock when you have enough already to deal with.



Read this, quite interesting, both links point to the same page.


Thanks for all replies

Don't know wether i'm glad or sad, to know that we not the only ones going through this. Just brings to ahead how many problems asthma can bring to peoples lives. My son was only four months old when he was diagnosed with asthma, and has been on quite high doses of inhalers all of his life, including montelukast tablets, steroids, anti histamines, antibiotics, and nuremous other things for other problems. He also has delayed growth, but is choosing at the moment not to have any treatment for this, (I think watching his sister have daily growth injections has put him off, lol).

But thats another story lol, I coul'd sit here all day and write about our medical problems, I'm sure most of you could too.

Anyway, decided to harden myself up with the scoliosis problem and carry on as usual, fighting the good fight with all, that life can throw at us, lol. Just have to see what specialist says, and carry on from there.

sorry for whinging on, and thanks again for replies

Take care all



My Son had asthma review today and his scoliosis has got worse, so we have to see the orthopeadic specialist and chiropractor. I may see orthopaedic guy 1st to see how bad he thinks it is, will end up paying for chiro as usual adults rates but my Sons worth it.He was well chuffed as Usaine Bolt has scoliosis and my son is a sprinter, made his day.


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