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Hi everyone not sure what to do so will explain the situation

my 6 year old son was diagnosed last year with asthma when i took him to drs regarding croup never had any problems with it until this year on 18 july seemed ok but that night he started barking with croup again kept him off school on the 19 as he was not well enough to go just through coughing on the 20 i had my mum over to look after both my boys as my youngest is only 4 and i had my driving test i phoned my mum on way home after passing my test and she said that my 6 year old was worse than when i left she had also had to call my partner home from work when i got home he was wheezing and pale so gave him some more of his inhaler but an hour later i phoned for an ambulance as he just kept getting worse with his breathing and they put him on a nebulizer and said he had to go to hospital they kept him in for one night he seemed to pick up again but then on 12 august had a temperature and said he felt sick he had a little cough took him to out of hours drs on the 13 august who said he has tonsillitis and gave him some antibiotics and said his chest is clear by the 14 the cough had turned in to more of a barking cough again on the 15 (yesterday) took him to our own drs over the cough and the dr said his chest is clear and it is nothing to worry about he is barking with this cough day and night with no other symptoms and i am a bit worried as to weather it will bring on another asthma attack sorry if a bit long winded have not done any thing like this before

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Hi Dolphin79,

Sorry to hear your little one has been poorly. I would go with your instincts - if you're not happy with how he is and you're concerned and worried then it might be best to take him to see your GP again. It might be nothing but it's better to be safe than sorry, especially with children. Hope you start to see some improvement soon. Take care.

Shy1. x


hi i took him back to drs at 6 last night and the dr said it is just down to a common cold and he could have it for a week or two i just dont know may be it is just me worring to much but it sounds like he is barking when he coughs


hi i took my son back to drs last night and he said its just a common cold maybe it is just me worring to much


Oh your poor little man.

I agree with Shy keep taking him back if you are not happy, the drs should understand.

My little man is 17 months and his attacks are normally triggered by a common cold, I been sent away from the drs a couple of times but my instincts have always been right in the end.

You know your child and whats normal for him.

Hope his feeling better soon, it is worrying when they aren't well

Emma x


hi i have had my little man up drs tonight saw a different doctor who told me it is tonsillitis croup and asthma playing up a bit as well he has given him a short course of prednislisone and told me to see how he is in a couple of days if no change take him back


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