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School being really good with Sons asthma

Just thought I'd put on a positive note about schools. Matty school have been fantastic this year regarding his treatment.all his letters, notes and info clearly attached and on neb, plus a book with all meds given and when,

Learning support came into room to observe me treating Matty with neb today, then she cleaned the pots and left to air dry.She also offered us a lift home so Matty didn't have to walk back.

Head mistress saw Matty struggle in this morning so came to check he was ok and me me a lovely cup of tea whilst on neb. She has also told me we don't have to pay for deposit for school trip in May as she understands he may be unable to go. the trip is payable in installments but is £270.She said it's easier to book him in at the end than us lose all our money.

We had a v bad year last year but head mistress sorted it out as his teacher was a bit lapse (think there was a BIG showdown),saw him today when Matty crashed and he still thinks Matty is running for school tonight in athletics comp,he said he will be fine!!!

Headmistress asthmatic too so fully understands situation.

Feeling really positive at last!


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I have to say it's good to hear that someone is getting it right, especially after reading some of the horror stories people have posted. I really hope Matty is well enough for his trip, I'm sure he'll have a great time.


Yes I agree - it is nice to read something positive. We've had only bad experiences with my son's school. Have to smile at Matty's teacher thinking Matty can still run in sports competition! We've had similar and you can only marvel at some people's ignorance. But it's good the headteacher understands, makes all the difference.


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