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Baby has asthma

Just found out today my 5 month baby has asthma and eczema. Even though in heart of hearts knew already (his dad has asthma) feel very upset and blaming myself. It is all so bewildering being faced with giving him his inhaler and new stuff to remember to take everywhere (as if he doesn't have enough!). Guess would be nice to know things get easier and that other people are going through same thing.

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Hi Miffy,

My little boy, Alfie (4), has very severe asthma. When he was tiny it was soooooo frightening (still can be). He was in hospital more than he was at home. today we have to make sure he always takes his medication but he runs about, climbs, shouts. He is in nursery at his local school and is a pickle. When he was 2 I couldn't imagine that things would get as good as they have.

Good luck,



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