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Needing ventolin after doing peak flow

I really need to push for an appoinment with the asthma nurse at our practice so I don't have to keep plaguing you lovely people with my questions!

While much improved at the end of the course of pred (and having taken her Seretide 50 down to 2 puff twice a day from the three twice a day previously) we have just done dd's evening peak flow (which was an amazing 310 - highest it's been in weeks:o)) but immediately afterward she is coughing something awful (dry, honking cough) and complaining of a tight chest. 2 puffs of ventolin and she's fine now but is it normal to be coughing and tightchested just from doing a peak flow?

And should a single puff of ventolin give her quite uncomfortable palpitations? I know palpitations can be side effect but just one or two puffs of the stuff and she's really very uncomfortable.


Jacqui - clearly still on a huge learning curve:o/

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Hi, I find doing PF / lung function tests can be a problem when my asthma's poorly controlled. Certainly I often feel there's little point in doing the best of three thing because my best is nearly always my first - by the third, I'm struggling. About a month ago I was at the GPs with my asthma the doc I saw asked me to do my PF and it really set my asthma off - think I had him quite worried!!


Should I take that as a sign that her asthma still isn't well controlled then Ratty? Like you she has needed her ventolin at the docs after giving a peak flow reading which seemed to please the doctor as it gave the opportunity to check her technique with the spacer.

I'm so rubbish at dealing with her asthma. A tight chest and a cough IS an asthma attack, I'm told. For some reason (possibly denial) I can't quite get to grips with this. A couple of puffs of ventolin and she's fine so, to me, it's no biggie! But I'm hearing more and more that this is something that needs to be seen for what it is and that I must take it more seriously.

I'm increasingly feeling more desperate with this whole subject cos I feel I just don't have the information to deal with it!

More time on google clearly warranted:o/



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