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We have had a bit of a nightmare recently, my 5 year old who has always had resonably well controlled asthma was admitted to hosp about 3 weeks ago with 3rd chest infection in 2 months, the doctors did an x ray and he was given antibiotics and we were sent home, later that evening we were telephoned by the consultant to say i needed to take him straight back in as there was a shadowy patch that needed investigation, anyway they have booked him in for a ct scan and bronchoscopy aswell as bloods as it looks as though he has bronchiectasis and something about cilia, he has been started on antibiotics, increased inhalers and steroids. Does anyone's little one have similar as it's all a bit boggling. thanks guys xx

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Oh I'm so sorry you've had this to deal with. It's so worrying when you get a call from the hospital like that isnt it. We've had similar recently too.

As far as the bronchiectasis and the other it cilliary dyskenesia? My daughter was given a ct and bronchoscopy to check for these conditions. The bronchiectasis is something to do with the tiny sacs in the lungs becoming permanently damaged and therefore not able to work and retain mucus. The cilliary dyskenesia is something to do with the fine hairs (the cilia) in your airways, nose and lungs not beating in the right way/rhythm and therefore retaining mucus too and keeping infection in rather than keeping it out.

The bronchoscopy was fairly simple and ok.

I hope this helps a little. By all means pm me if you need to ask any questions.

Take care,

Emily x


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