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just wana say thanks, ive only just cum across this site and already i feel a thousand time lighter, been struggling wiv my sons asthma since he was 7 months old, in and out of hospital on all diff types of medication, reading some of the posts on here has made me feel as if im definatly not alone in wot we go through, and now my daughter is 8 months old and the cycle has already started again, my poorly babies r always ill wiv it, hard to believe but there aint a week that goes by where 1 ov them aint ill, its hard it awful for them and so hard 4 me to watch them struggle to breath litrally choke so much they gag and vomit violently which just makes things worse cause they choke on it, im sorry for who eva reads this dnt mean to go on but afta 2 years and 4 months ov dealing wiv it alone i feel as if ive finally found my support thank u x

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This is a great forum for getting things off your chest, sometimes just letting your frustrations and concerns out and sharing thoughts with people in similar positions helps a little bit, as does knowing you are not alone.


my partner dnt have ne family and i aint close to mine so we dnt see ppl we no ona daily weekly or sumtimes monthly basis, this site has opened up a whole new world to us, my daughter is suffering wiv a chest infection on top of her asthma so now as i type im luking at her struggling to breath, on pins knowing that ne time swn ,shes guna be sick so much u wudnt think her tiny body cud hold, my boy is almost 3 and he will wake up nearly every nite b4 3am crying for his pump pumps as he calls um, its taken them so long to diagnose him that now the gp said his chest is so damaged that its guna take a long time to get it bk to sum kind ov normal, asthma is very present in our home and has been for a long time although it feels alot longer, i cant exspress how gd it feels to av found this hope of release,


There is nearly always somebody online so if ever you need to talk just make a post or message one of the regulars (I include myself in that) we may not always be able to give good advice (even tho there is a lot of good advice given) but we make good sounding boards / shoulders to cry on / human punch bags.

It can be distressing and can feel lonely but you are not alone.

Hopefully things will improve, they usually do but unfortunately not always as quickly as we would like.

So glad that you have found us, have you ordered some any of the Asthma UK publications from the main site, they are free and contain lots of useful info ?


not yet still getting the hang of it, didnt even notice they were ther but will go bkl and ava luk ne fings worth a try i say, thanks alot u seen so nice its strange u dnt no me and r already trying to point me in the right direction im exstreamly greatfull thank u


No probs, any questions just ask, btw I have messaged you


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