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Should son go to Beaver Camp

Hi All Hope you have all recovered from the wild and windy weather Scott who was 7 in January is very keen to go on an outing with his Beavers(Like cubs for 6-8year old boys) They are going to Inverness for two nights and doing various things while there They will be sleeping in a hut in sleeping bags I am very nervous about his asthma and don't know if I should let him go He takes a steroid inhaler morning and night and I'm worried he will forget to take it especially as the whole group will be sleeping in the same hut His asthma is brought on by colds and viruses and I also worry that he will get a cold while away and will need his inhaler which he might be too busy to use. he tends to get wheezy with exercise,dust etc when he has a cold much more than at times when he is well I would appreciate any views that you might have Should I let him go or am I just being overprotective Take care

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Beaver Camp

i can understand your concerns about your son going away overnight , however as a Beaver Leader myself i know that the leaders will take extremly good care of your son . Give them all the information they need to know .i'm sure he won't be left to take his medication unsupervised . Leaders are fully trained in first aid as well as other things

Hope this gives you some reassurance



Beaver Camp

I understand your concerns about letting him go to beaver camp for a couple of nights. I was a Guide leader for over ten years and took my girls camping for a week each year and did weekend camps. I have given a variety of medicines to the children throughout that time and alot were inhalers - i have even given antibiotics 3 times a day!. If we were going out on trips i would make sure i had their inhaler with me and the children knew i had it. Most leaders in the scouting and guiding sections are used to giving medicines to children at regular times during the day. As previously mentioned all leaders undertake regular first aid courses and all you need to do is hand his inhalers in to the leaders with instructions on when he needs to have his preventer, and just discuss with them that he may need his salbutamol inhaler if he is running around or doing anything energetic and anything else they need to know. You can always discuss any concerns you have with the beaver leaders before you make a decision.



beaver camp


I used to be a brownie and love pack holidays etc...and found it one of the highlights! I would advise you to talk to the leaders, they deal with a lot of children and have more than likely dealt with asthmatics in the past. On my first pack holiday I was on a preventer inhaler, a proctector, as well as tablets and was always taken somewhere private to take my meds... with the reliever inhaler, make sure the leader of the activity is aware of his asthma, (pack lots of relievers so adults can look after spares..with his name on!) and encourage him to take his inhaler at the slightest sympton to ensure he stays well! if he takes a ventolin MDI then you can get a 'puffa pouch' from the net (google it) which is a colourful cover with a clip and string... useful to clip to his trousers or sim (apposed to neck if playing sport) to make sure he does have it on him all the time!

I would encourage you to let him go, I know how annoyed with my parents I would have been if I hadn't been allowed to go! but it is your decision.

hope this helps.



Thanks all who replied, your views and reassurances are really helpful. I spoke to the leaders who are taking them away and they were so supportive and kind that I have said that Scott can go They suggested I put several Ventolin inhalers (named) in a seperate bag along with a plan of action with his tell tale signs of an impending attack as well as his Becotide inhaler which should be named and the times of the day he should take it. Needless to say he is over the moon. All we need now is good weather Roll on the Easter Hols Hope you are all well!!!


heya jass!

good decision! i am a type two brittle asthmatic and have to use oxygen, nebs, injections and bucket loads of other meds to keep me on a even keel. i went around eroupe last summer, my parents didn't want me to go becuase of my chest but i bent there arm, organised all that i needed and had a awesome time!

my opinion is as long as there is someone to care for him, knows about his condition and has all the puffers needed then it is fine!

at the end of the day he is as likly to have a attack with them then he is with you, so he might as well ejoy himself!

have a great easter and don't let him eat too many eggs hehe

lv me x x x


Oh please let us know how he gets on!!


Hi Spaniel Scott got back from his trip on Thursday, hungry dirty and very tired but he had a fantastic time His asthma was fine and the leaders got him and the two other asthmatics to take their inhalers in the privacy of the office (they were staying in a church halls) he didn't need his Ventolin at all just the Becotide twice a day. They went to Inverness and did all the things kids from cities take for granted but is such a thrill to them (swimming with flumes slides etc.,bowling cinema) as we live in such rural community these sort of activities are just not available Now he's back to school for the summer term in a blizzard and snow!!! The weather is crazy isn't it Hope all is well with you at the moment.


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