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A doggy problem?


I'm grandma to Logan aged 20 months. Logan was given some salbutamol liquid for a wheeze last autumn. It was prescribed initially by a paed, whom he had been referred to for a heart murmur. The murmur was nothing serious - the paed says he may just get it when unwell. He has only had to use it occasionally.

I look after him while his mum and dad work, which is a 24 hour stint every few weeks. Recently I have noticed that, although he doesn't appear unwell when he arrives, he nearly always goes home with a green runny nose and a cough. He was with us this week end, and I had to give him the maximum dose of his salbutamol (which he rarely needs when at home) to stop him coughing. He went to bed ok, but between 2 am and 5 am he coughed his socks off.

Having spoken to my son tonight, I'm told he is still coughing. However, it is extremely cold here in Yorkshire and he was out in his buggy for about half an hour, on his way home from nursery, so that could have made his cough worse. His mum is going to take him to the GP as soon as she can, but I'm wondering if he might be sensitive to our aged dog (14) or cat (15). Of course, the little one's health is top of our agenda, but I would hate to have to do something drastic to our four-legged friends, if I am jumping to conclusions. The animals are not allowed on the furniture and never go upstairs. I have lots of allergies,as well as asthma, so we use very few chemicals, and absolutely nothing perfumed. Also, no-one smokes in the family. Any ideas about whether he could be tested for sensitivities to the animals?


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Hi Kathy

You can have skin prick tests done to determine whether you are allergic to any specific animal. Involves making a very small scratch in the skin.....wouldnt even call it that, after a small drop of allergen is placed on your forearm.

A few of us have been tested in our house but i do not know if they would do it on a child as young as Logan. You would need to ask GP or someone similar.

Sadly if he is allergic to your furry family then any contact in your house will make him wheezy. I do hope for your sake and Logans he isnt.

Best Wishes

Cathy xx


Hi Cathy

Thanks for your reply. Sarah took Logan to see the GP today. His chest is clear, altho he is still coughing. She explained our suspicion about the animals and the doctor gave her some antihistamines and a ventolin inhaler. He gave Logan a small spacer with a mask too. I tried to show him how to use it tonight, but he was tired and not playing. His chest/wheeze is not as bad now, but I will keep showing him how I use my spacer and inhalers, and hopefully will be able to teach him how to do it. Any tips would be much appreciated.



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