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Hi all, i have just sat and typed a long message telling you all about my son and his experience with asthma. Some how the message got lost in cyber space and now i havent got time to write it all again so in a nutshell this is us:Son is 10 yrs old, severe asthmatic, on loads meds including steriods daily since he was 3 and on sub cut bricanyl for last 2 yrs. In and out hospital loads, occasionally picu and hdu for iv meds. Docs said today they considering adding theophyline again due to his severe attacks at night. He used to react badly to colds etc but u could usually see the slow decline, unfortunatly he is becoming increasingly brittle. Ok i did try and keep it short :-)Would be nice to talk to people who know what im tlaking about instead of telling me all kids have inhalers these days!Julie xx

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oh boy i know how you feel julie. its very hard to explain that all these meds are for athma, i get funny looks as if to say ""surely asthmas not that bad""

michael was in hospital 18 times last year (about 8 or 9 were in HDU on iv aminophyllin etc) so i really do know how it feels although i havent had to deal with it for as long as you have. feel free to contact me if you ever want a chat!


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