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Is this 'controlled'?

My daughter (16months) is currently on Seretide, Montelukast and Ventolin. She has been chest since Christmas and has had antibiotics for a chest infection and Pleuresy.

She is coughing for England when she sleeps. Not at all during the day but DREADFUL at night and when she has a daytime nap!

Would you say this coughing means that the Asthma is not controlled?

She has been wheezing since she woke up today but we have an Asthma review this afternoon with the nurse anyway so hoping she is ok til then.

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could be the asthma, but maybe relux, does she get fed quite close to bedtime, ideally you need to leave at least 2 hours after eating/drinking before lying down but some information I've read does say 4 or 5 hours, not thats not really practical. Hope the review went well, and despite the obvious choice of trying cough meds, don't they only mask the symptoms.


Thanks for your reply.

When she was alot younger there was a querie re reflux, but proved not to be. My husband has severe Asthma and me excema so was proved to be asthma due to atopic family.

We were told today she has Brittle Asthma. She was very wheezy while with the nurse. She called a dr in who listened to her chest and said 'oh, she's fine, its clear!!!!' Both the nurse and I just loked blankly at each other.

The nurse said she's most definately uncontrolled and to go straght back to the Consultant. Her wishes are for dd to go on long term pred and have a home neb. Anyone else have this type of action plan???? Seems so scary and kind of drastic. I forget how poorly my little girl is sometimes as I live with it each day but then it coes and bites me on the back!


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