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Help!! sleep urgently needed

Hi there I write to ask for any words of wisdom in a bid to gain sleep back in my family.

My DD is 17 months old and has received puffers for her asthma for well over a year.

Her asthma is manageable and does not normally have a weeze. It sounds to me like more of an annoying cough which has MASS loose flem stuck in her throat.

She coughs on an off throughout the day and some nights most the night. She has ventolin, atravent (which no longer is effective) and Belclazone (100 night and morning).

During the night she stays in bed coughing on and off. But recently from 4am she wakes up SCREAMING. Not always linked with the a cough. But this morning I got her up at 4am as she simply would not stop in her cot. Not the thing to do but she currently shares a room with her brother and she is not one for giving in!!! Once in my bed she cried for a bit and then tried to go to sleep for two hours without success due to coughing and choking :-( She is tired when she awakes and I do not really understand why she wants to get up.

Does anyone know of anything I can do to help her. She and I are so tired, as are her father and brother as she is soooooooooooooooooo loud!!!!

Would anyone recommend giving piriton a try to reduce the cough?

Thank you.


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Go and see your GP and ask for there advice.



lack of sleep is horrible!! I bet your shattered!

Your little one might need their preventer inhaler dose upping for a while, or possibly some steroids, take her to the GP and get her checked out!

and I hope you get a good nights sleep very soon!

ally x x


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