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hello im new here

hello i am new to this forum,ive just found it 33 and have suffered with asthma since catching a cold followed by chest infection about3yrs ago now,i use salbutamol for relief and beclomethasome for prevention.i dont think my asthma is that bad, is made worse when i get viral infections or when i cycle as i do alot,it also worsens when i gain alot of weight which im battling with at moment and succeeding,slowly

i also have a 6yr old daughter who suffers with asthma and eczema,her asthma is worse than mine,she is on salbutamol and pulmicort and montelukast or singulair.her asthma seems to be more out of control than managed,she has had a throat infection recently and that has made her asthma worse,she has had asthma since she was20months also brought on by viral infection,we have asthma in our family daughter has had skin and blood test to reveal what she is allergic too,asthma attacks for her r becoming a regular thing,she has had 3visits to hospital thankfully just for few hours of monitoring but having to call ambulance for oxygen last time got quite scary,does it get any easier for parents to cope with?i know it can worse and im so glad we havent had to suffer that bad and fingers crossed we never dad has asthma really bad and he is now on turbo inhalers,ive grwon up with inhalers round their house and he never seems to go v long without having to take his blue inhaler,hope we dont get that bad.

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Hi Heather

Welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask any questions you have on here or just chat as everyone is really friendly. Hope you and you daughter are doing ok.

XX Brynne


I'm new too this also

Morning All, I too am new to this site. My son who will be three next monday was diagnosed with Asthma last June. His coughing is particularly bad at night time but we have been able to controll it with his medication. (ventolin & becotide) Last night was extremely bad as his coughing was worse and the ventolin was not helping. We called the NHS 24 who got us an appointment at the hospital. We took him up to the hospital and got him checked out and all seemed to be ok and we were able to bring him home. This is the first time his coughing was out of control and let me tell you it really has frightened me, my husband and my other son (who is 7) I came back from the hospital so worked up that I was sick, even thinking about last night makes me feel ill.

Sorry, but I just had to share my feelings with anyone else who may be feeling like me.....Scared.




Hi Heather1972

I am new here to had Asthma for about 3 years. I had a chest infection when I was first diagnosed with it.

I dont describe myself as having asthma really badly but it does kick up in the summer time. I had a real scare last year whilst on holiday and I was on a day trip somewhere I had a cold and it worsen and brough on a attack I was so scared.

I take Salbutamol as a relief and take Symbicot as a preventer


Hi and welcome to the forum :)

Stephanie i can really understand how you are feeeling, as a mum its only natural to be concerned for your child. My son Sean manages to scare me often, in fact i surprised im not grey :)

Feel free to vent anytime, dont have all the answers but we will all understand where you coming from.

Julie xx


hi heather. my son is 3 and has had numerous visits to hospital for o2 and IV meds. it is very scary and i have to say that although it is never any less worrying when your child is unwell, it does seem alot easier to stay calm, which is always of benefit to the child. what is your daughter allergic to? michael hasd alot of allergies and itd be great to chat to someone similar!



I got told something about life..... That people with asthma are special..... it might sound silly but i believed this and still do..... it might be hard living with asthma but i take it as apart of life. I find it hard to do PE, but have joined a gym club where I can take exercise more easier. If you have the same trouble with exercise, joining a gym or exercise class will make life os much easier.

=D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D




About a year ago I was told I had anaphylaxis, a life threatening virus that could kill me if i dont take precautions. I suffer from allergies to cashew nuts, and i was unaware of this until I ate 5 small cashew nuts and then got rushed into hospital. It was scary. I have epipens at home and at school to help if i do have an attack. But with this on top of asthma and eczema and a load of other problems including obesity and abnormality to the liver!.... and im only 15 ...

I find my asthma the most difficult to live with because on my road we like to play Hide n Seek and i find it difficult as im always out of breath.. If you suffer the same problems ... Dont worry! you might think Asthma is in control of your life but its NOT you are.... Hope my advice helps!


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