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runny nose


my daughter was diagnosed with asthma in oct 2006 a day before her second birthday, i thought she just had a virus she was not coughing or wheezing but when i took her to the docs he pointed out the way she was breathing, i was sent straight over the hospital where they give her oxygen first then the 10 puffs of each pump then the preds, we were kept in for a few hours then sent home with a happy little girl. But every few weeks she goes down hill and has got to have more preds. This week i she started with a runny nose as usual and by the evening she was working harder to breathe, phoned out of ours and they sent an abulance straight away, we were kept in hospital for 2 nights. I never realised asthma was this bad nobody in the family suffers with it, i am a bag of nerves every time she gets a runny nose. I have been told now if she starts wheezing to up her pump to 6 puffs and repeat again in 20 mins if this dont work call doc. just thought id get it off my chest. now i know how everybody else feels its heartbreaking watching them.

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Hi Julie

Our family is new to asthma too, my six year old son was admitted to hospital on the 20th december with a suspected chest infection, then after test's they told us it was asthma. I didn't sleep all night for fear of something happening to his breathing. He doesn't sound as ill as your little girl though. they had him on 10 puffs of ventolin every 3 hour night and day. and he was on a 3 day course of steroids, but thankfully he only needs it morning and night now and any time he's needs it in between. The asthma nurse says we've to monitor his peak flow til march and then she'll decide if he needs a brown one too. until i found this site i'd only spoken to two other parents who's children have ashma so this is a great source of information. I really hope your little girl improves, but if your like me a little over whelmed by it all, the asthma nurse reminded me that she's at the other end of the phone if we were worried about anything. Wishing you all the best. Linny


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