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anyone elses kids really suffering with hayfever this summer?

little nutter is 4, this year his hayfever seems particularly bad, he is taking chlorphenamine(perscribed by the gp) took him back to GP who gave him eye drops as his eyes are really bad, though its a fight to get them into him. poor wee soul just ends up lying up on the sofa with a cold flannel over his eyes. It's a shame we can't enjoy this lovely weather. When we do go out we do make him wear wrap around sunglasses to see if it helps and he has always had some chlorphenamine. at a loss at what else we can do for him really.

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It is a really bad year for hay fever, loads of people are suffering!

Just letting you know you are not alone!



It has been a spectacularly bad year for hayfever sufferers. I've been symptomatic and I've never had a problem in the past.

Have you had a look on allergy UK's website? They have some very helpful info about hayfever. Definately worth a look. Sorry I don't have a link:~/



thanx for the replies.. doubt there is much that can be done till hayfever season is over, just seems if its not one thing its another.

up for more allergy tests in aug, tho suspect it will just confirm allergies we already know he has.


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