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does anyone else feel like throwing their arms up in the air?!

My little girl, aged 2, has Brittle Asthma. We deal every day with her condition and often struggle. However, since the consultant was quite blunt with us that things wont get better (she aspirates food) then we have slowly but surely realised we need to accept and deal with it, however heartbreaking and tough it is :(

My elder daughter, aged 5, has had mild Asthma since she was a baby. Its always just ticked along. Nothing out of the ordinary, Clenil and Ventolin. She has now been increased to adding Serevent and Montelukast too. Again, its nothing new having had her little sister alot lot worse.

However, lottie (the eldest) is now on her 4th dose of Pred in 5 weeks!! She has been hospitalised in that time, nebbed etc.

Today she was sent home from school as they couldnt get her symptoms under control!! More pred!!

I just feel totally exhausted with it all!! My tiny girl is Brittle, its taken ages to get used to it. Our eldest has always been known as 'mild'. And now this!!

I just feel like throwing my arms up in the air and saying 'why us?!'

Sorry, not sure why Ive written this. Just shocked at recent events and feel confused!!

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it's good to get all that built up emotion out :) even if you feel its just a rant or anything -

Chin up and i hope things get better soon :)

Foster x


Best place to let it all out is here on the forum. Many folk have trod a similar path. In my case, little one's problem wasn't asthma but did entail hospital appts, seeing GP on an almost daily basis and hospital stays. Felt like wading through treacle at times with the sheer exhaustion and anger and a lot of why us.

Good support network in family and in health visitor does make all the difference. Not so much our friends as none of them had children. Hope you have good support. Will find it on here too.

Best wishes to all your family.



Oh Emily I feel for you, you must be so exhausted and frustrated with it all.

Sending big hugs to you, feel free to ring/text anytime.

Clare Xx


hello Emily, I know the common question is why us? I was diagnosed last year and everyone is telling me how well I took it, but sometimes I feel horrible because of my asthma is the most terrified experience when you can not breath, and it must be really painfull for parents as well to see us throught that. but with this I learnt oh so many things! and one of them and the most important is that important things happen to important persons, ok we have asthma but there were in history so many people in so many differents period of time with asthma too. so do not let hope out, there are researchers who are looking for a cure, and if we have asthma is because we are strong enough to deal with it and to do exceptional things with it. so go on I tell you that everything will be allright! do never lose hope!


Oh hon you must feel exhausted. Despite it all you have looked after all your children well done, try to get support from family and friends so you can recharge those batteries.

My thoughts, prayers and love go out to you.



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