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9 year old daughter with Asthma

My daughters asthma has been fairly mild and controlled with a brown inhaler at night. At the moment she is coughing constanIy as she is getting over the flu.

She has had a course of steroids and is better but she keeps having to take the blue puffer as she keeps wheezing. The doctor said she can take up to 14 in one go as that is what a nebulizer would administer. (Scary!)She has also gone off her food as she feels so sick.

I am such a novice at this, has anyone got any ideas for day to day life, diet etc as the asthma is has now become of day to day life. I try not to panic but it creeps up on you when they cant breathe.


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my daughter in 9 and the past couple of weeks her asthma has been bad, she cycles to school and has been unable to do this, she had an attack at school yesterday and was sent home and still off today. The doctors have increased her brown inhaler so we wait to see what happens!! I try to not make a fuss of the fact she has asthma and find if she has her blue inhaler before any activity it helps and normally she is ok, although her triggers are weather and exercise.


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